Jicable HVDC’21

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8 novembre 2021

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BluePoint Liège

This upcoming 3rd edition, Jicable HVDC’21 will include conferences, tutorials, technical visits and a poster session for young researchers.


  1. Conception, design, manufacturing and testing of all types of HVDC cables and accessories.
  2. The different aspects related to the insertion of HVDC cable systems in an existing UHV network
  3. Electric transient overvoltages affecting the cable systems and converting devices
  4. European and worldwide onshore and offshore projects
  5. Laying, repair and fault location methods used on the HVDC submarine and land cables
  6. Cost-benefit of the HVDC links including the complete life cycle of the project
  7. Prospective use of MVDC cable systems vs HVDC cable systems


  • Jicable is an international conference to promote scientific and technical exchanges within the insulated power cables field.
  • Jicable conferences, symposiums and workshops allow in-depth analysis of the State-of-the-Art and future perspectives.
  • Jicable HVDC’21 symposium will be the natural follow-up of Jicable HVDC’13 and Jicable HVDC’17 dedicated to High-Voltage Direct Current transmission systems for which insulated power cables are a key component.
  • In view of the health crisis, the Jicable HVDC’21 Symposium will be an hybrid event (in-person and virtual) allowing the largest number of people to participate while guaranteeing the safety.

Key numbers

Around 250 participants from approximately 30 countries

attend the Jicable HVDC Symposiums every 4 years

Evénement expiré

Par : jicable

  • BluePoint Liège
  • Bd Emile de Laveleye 191
  • Liège
  • 4020
  • Belgium

Détails de l'événement

  • 8 novembre 2021 9h00   -   18h00
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